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The thoughts and challenges I come across in being a heterosexual woman, wife and mother who loves to write m/m erotic romances. I'm not gay or male, but the thoughts of two gorgeous, confident men together is my idea of a hot time! I write for others, both men and women, who feel the same.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

discussion from the gay forum on

I'm exploring the site with the on it now. Interesting! It's a bit disorienting to read right to left at first, but I'm getting the hang of it. The artwork in FAKE isn't as fey as the ones I have seen.

I have to wonder if the yaoi that is popular with people right now is just filling the void because M/M erotic romances with a western POV of men aren't available yet?

My M/M romances ARE different than the Japanese M/M romances. My men are western versions of men. I favor strong, brawny men in my life and in my work.

I kind of feel the need to adopt fey, willowy young men, not find a another one of them to match them with. Sigh. Must be my age. UGH! Forget I said that! I'm 30, tall, blond, thin -- oh, never mind! You've probably already seen my picture! Can you believe it? I paid a fortune for that head shot and it still looks like me! Stupid camera!

I think I'm going to order a volume of Fake, probably the last one with the graphic sex in it because I want to see how they approach it in comparision to my writing and yes, because I'm hoping it's hot. The guys in the artwork have broad shoulders even if they are too beautiful for real men (other than Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom-in my lustfilled opinion)so maybe the "I need to adopt you thing" wouldn't be a problem. It kills the moment big time.


Blogger Zin said...

I read the Yaoi stories -- but I find myself dissatisfied somethimes. I love the emotional part of the stories, but not so much the whole "pretty man" thing.

I find that I enjoy the western M/M stories with the rugged, manly man as long as the emotional connection is there. That's one of the things I enjoy about your stories. *g* Ann

9:18 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks, Ann. I just don't get the yaoi appeal alll that much, but I am trying. I just got a coukle of them and I'm workng my way through them. But I have to admit the simplistic plots are hard to take.

12:27 AM  

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