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The thoughts and challenges I come across in being a heterosexual woman, wife and mother who loves to write m/m erotic romances. I'm not gay or male, but the thoughts of two gorgeous, confident men together is my idea of a hot time! I write for others, both men and women, who feel the same.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Deadlines and heat

I'm working feverishly to finish up Roughhousing this month. It's the sequel to A Bit of Rough I've been fleshing out for the last 2 months. I'm shutting down my email(kind of), turning off my phone(to keep work from trying to get me to pick up extra shifts), and shutting the door to my office. I'm not sure what to do with the kids besides gift them with a dozen playstation games and hope they'll stay in their rooms for the next month. If it weren't for the suffocating heat and humidity all around me, I'd almost be happy in my little cone of writing silence. I'm not sure which is hotter, my story or the room I'm working in. An believe me, the story is HOT!


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