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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lambda names Mexican Heat one of the 5 top romances of 2010

I wanted to share the intriguing news about MEXICAN HEAT, my romantic suspense novel, a collaboration with Josh Lanyon.
It was a Lambda Finalist in 2010, no it didn’t win, but I’m honored the reviewer like it so much to single it out for one of the Top Five of the year!

Even though Lambda now excludes straight authors from submitting to the Lambda Awards (right after MEXICAN HEAT was named a FINALIST — no correlation that I’m aware of, just saying, and I still see naughty straight female authors submitting to them under their male pen names), I do consider it to be an honor for Dick Smart, the Lambda Romance reviewer/columnist to have given it such a fabulous nod of acceptance and recognition. I do appreciate it and want to acknowledge it.

I’m looking to 2011 to start writing the second one in the series myself (EEK!) spurred on by this and my name AWESOMELY mentioned in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE last October as “a pioneer of the M/M romance”. That made my year.

And yes, I do have to share the good times and pat myself on the back now and then.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RWA approves new authors of GBLT romance chapter

A few months ago, I asked fellow authors of GLBT romance to join together with me to look into forming a special interest chapter of the RWA. While RWA has acknowledged this sub-genre of romance, there was never a chapter where authors of this sub-genre could meet to discuss issues and experiences that focused on their writing, promotional needs and publishing issues. Over 100 authors showed up to discuss the possibilities. In the end 39 RWA members formed the Rainbow Romance Writers online special interest provisional chapter of RWA.

I’m very proud to announce that as of today we are no longer provisional but officially part of RWA! Here is the official announcement from chapter president Jade Buchanan:

Rainbow Romance Writers is the newest Special Interest Chapter within the Romance Writers of America. A lot of hard work has gone into setting us up as a chapter, but we are very proud to announce that writers specializing in LGBT romance now have a specific place to network with other career-focused writers and concentrate on our unique needs within the romance genre.

Our goals are:

* to promote excellence in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender romances
* to help members become published in LGBT romances
* to be an advocate within the industry for our genre
* to be a resource to our members and others on writing and the publishing industry

We currently have 39 wonderful members who represent all different aspects of the LGBT romance genre.

Interested writers can contact us at
if they would like to become members of Rainbow Romance Writers. They can also email me directly at

Here’s a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in making this happen, those in the new chapter and those at RWA who service the interest of the whole romance writing community! KUDOS!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon's missing ranking for Gay fiction

You may have noticed that rankings and bestseller info has been removed from all a lot of gay romance and gay fiction books in the last few days. It appears that Amazon has decided we are to be hidden from the mainstream.

When Amazon was asked about the missing rankings they responded to one author with:

In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude "adult" material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature.

Hence, if you have further questions, kindly write back to us.

Best regards,

Ashlyn D
Member Services Advantage

Plainly, we are being discriminated against by Amazon, shoved into the backroom.

Not all authors of adult fiction are being targeted but it is widespread and rampant. So if you are looking for rankings and bestseller lists of adult or gay fiction, it looks like you'll need to buy directly from the publisher or hit up B&N.

Hopefully next month MLR Press will have the ability in place to buy ebooks directly from the site and print books soon after that. We getting everything in place for direct sales. We value our readers and now we REALLY like Barnes and Noble.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mexican Heat is a Lambda Finalist!

I can hardly believe it! Mexican Heat is short listed for best Gay Romance!
God, I can't wait for the awards dinner in NYC later this year!

Wow, today has been an exciting day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dear Author and Mexican Heat

Hi all,

There appears to be a contest going on and MEXICAN HEAT is one of the entries! SO COOL! But it also appears I need people to go vote for the book in order to win . The great part is it looks like there are a lot of prizes too!

Here are the details! Can I ask you pretty please to go vote for MEXICAN HEAT? You know, I'm actually kind of really excited about this!


Welcome to the 2nd Annual DA BWAHA, Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors. For newcomers, this is a tournament of books that mimics the March Madness tournament of basketball. We’ve picked a slate of 64 books in 8 different categories to compete against each other through the next few weeks.

Your job is to first fill out a tournament bracket which will go live on March 15, 2009. Second, you have to come back and vote in the polls. There will be prizes for the winning ballot at each juncture of the tournament with the grand prize of a Red Sony Reader to go to the ballot that scores the highest. The winning author will also get a Sony Reader.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Review of Mexican Heat!

Josh and I have been holding our breath waiting for the first review on Mexican Heat, our first collaboration.
It arrived this am.

We did good. 5+ stars!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mexican Heat

Just thought I'd announce that Mexican Heat has been picked up by Samhain for a February ebook release. The print version will still be coming out with MLR Press in a few weeks but Samhain liked the story and the characters and has contracted the book. Hopefully they will want the whole 3 book series. While Josh and I were planning on a an every 6 month release for these, the books turned about to be more complex and challenging that we thought. So we've revised our plan to put out a book every 12 month instead. It will mean a longer wait but a better story! At least that's the plan!