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Sunday, April 23, 2006

advertising payoffs

I picked up the current copy of RT book club magazine today. I have an ad running it from the TRS and I wanted to see how it looked. Even though it was a black and white ad it was very nice and clear, showcasing the five novels well. I decided it was worth the money spent when I saw it, but I was convinced of its worth even more when I received an email from a friend who does a lot of Live Journal reading.

She stumbled across a LJ entry by someone who enjoys m/m romance and saw the ad. This woman was amazed and EXCITED to see a m/m romance in the RT magazine. She was hoping it would become a trend for RT. Her comments pleased and encouraged me. Even if one person sees the ad, checks out my website or reads my books, the genre is making headway. Maybe acceptance of m/m erotic romance will find a place on bookshelves soon, as well.


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