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The thoughts and challenges I come across in being a heterosexual woman, wife and mother who loves to write m/m erotic romances. I'm not gay or male, but the thoughts of two gorgeous, confident men together is my idea of a hot time! I write for others, both men and women, who feel the same.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Naked Drummer Boy logo

I had a new logo designed to go with my catch phrase "writing to the beat of a different drummer' and this is what the artist Sinammin created for me. I'm putting it on my site and on totes and coffee mugs for interested readers and for giveaways during contest! I like it. I keep wondering how it must feel to have the drum vibrate against his skin when he plays!


Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

I like the new logo!

9:10 AM  
Blogger ellenbunch said...

I like the new logo and want to get a coffee cup and tote. I imagine the drum vibration is sort of like riding a motorcycle only it probably it feels a little more intense.

4:44 PM  

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