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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Channeling ghosts

In October MLR Press published a ghost anthology with stories from William Maltese, Sarah Black, Josh Lanyon and me titled SCARED STIFF.

We never talked about our stories among us, all four of us just went off and wrote our tales. When it came to editing time, our editor contacted Josh and I and told us our stories were too similar, too many elements were alike, something needed to change. We decided in the long run that it was kind of creepy but kind of cool that the stories, never having been discussed before hand, had turned out so similar.

We both wrote about locations by the sea, broken hearts, ghostly tragic love affairs in the past, mysterious hauntings and even have one character names the same-Mason. It seemed like Josh and I were channeling each other or channeling at least the same spirit! Now I find out there is one more element that defies reasonable logic in the book. It seems that during one scene in my story I inadvertently use the wrong name for the character that Josh and I both used. I call my 'Mason' --- believe it or not-- 'JOSH' during that one scene! I can't believe it. I missed in the re-read, missed it in the edits and missed it in proofing. Just like a ghost, it couldn't be seen!

Cool Weirdness, yes?


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