Sensually Wicked Man Love

The thoughts and challenges I come across in being a heterosexual woman, wife and mother who loves to write m/m erotic romances. I'm not gay or male, but the thoughts of two gorgeous, confident men together is my idea of a hot time! I write for others, both men and women, who feel the same.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Proofreading vs distracted by sex

I was just thinking about a trend I 'm beginning to notice in my work when it comes back from the team of talented, skilled and very generous proofreaders I have. While most of my writing needs mountains of corrections and polish, I notice only the sex scenes come back correction -lean, not free but lean.

My only conclusion is either I'm really focused and in perfect-wirter mode (what do you think the chances of that are?) or the reader is so into the sex, they don't notice most of the flaws.

LOL! Either way, I guess I must be doing something right! We all win!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How does a woman write about anal intercourse?

I just got this question from a reader and all I have to say is 'duh?' Rude, I know, but come on!

I know about the subject first hand, just like I know what pleases a man during oral sex, intercourse and foreplay. I was actally considered attractive and fun in my single years. I dated, I have lovers. I experimented. (Guess which scene from the "Rough" novel I actually did!)

Now, I'm a happily married woman, mated to a sexy, good-looking hunk of a man for a couple of decades. Which is also why I don't write heterosexual romances. If I want a steamy romp with a gorgeous man, I can just take my husband to bed, I don't need to write about it in fantasies. But when I want some arousing fantasies of my own--that's when I break out the old keyboard and whip up a couple of hotties to play with.

Which is what I'm going to do right now!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Letting people know you write m/m erotic romance can be a challenge

Last weekend while at work I was discussing having just finished the second draft of my newest romance, OUT THERE IN THE NIGHT. It's a 58,000 plus word novel with a little twist, being published by Loose Id. The part that makes it different to me is that I use the Native American myth about werewolves, or skinwalkers, as they call them, as the basis for my hero being a werewolf. He is a kind, masterfully powerful, half native-half German trapper from the early 1900's. His heritage is based on actual Alaskan history and people who lived there. Being a werewolf is a blessing to the natives, and they are guardians of the earth by night, not mindless, vicious beasts that terrorize and mutilate without reason or regard to human life. They are the good guys.

Anyway, I was talking about it at work and one of the male staff was listening. Suddenly he picked up the cover art I had made for some new cd giveaways I'm putting together for readers that will have excerpts of all my books on them. The cover has a lusiously naked man from the hips up, lying on his chest, smiling at the camera, my name scrolling over the dip and arch of his back and hips, and the words MAN LOVE in big print under a pair of tasty red lips. The concept I write m/m romance is pretty plain from the art work.

He freaked.

He's been listening to me chat about my writing for over a year and never once grabbed onto the idea that some of it, that part that sells, was m/m erotic romance. He was stunned, he blushed , he laughed nervously, he stuttered. He mentioned it ALL night long! I'll probably never get any peace from this day on from him.

You just never know how people will react. I thought he was cute, defensive and silly. I'm going to write him into a book just to see him blush crimson again.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Man love sex scenes-where DO they come from?

Well I just finished the second re-write on my m/m werewolf/Native American/ myth/ romance novel. Did I cover enough genres for you there? I'm nothing if not writing to the beat of a different drummer!

Anyway, I was re-reading one of the many the nice, juicy, steamy hot love scenes and wondering where so many of them cropped up from. I mean, I outlined the story. I worked out the details of where each passionate moment would drive the story along and threw in two more for the sake of gratitutious sex, but then, where did the other sex scenes come from?

What made me let these gorgeous men turn my little legend exploration into a non-stop lovefest?

I remember trying to write one serious scene where the two main lovers confront each other over the major issues in the story, and having to rewrite it and rewrite it, because the guys kept ending up with their pants down. That is NOT the way to iron out relationship problems. But what about the others?

I even have two minor characters getting it on and they were NOT supposed to be a couple in any way, shape, or form in the original outline. Hell, one didn't even have a name at first. Now he's getting equal time in the bedroom, (on the floor really) as much as the main hero is. I ask you, is that anyway to write a romance story?

I guess if your writing m/m erotic romances, it is. And since I am writing erotic romances a lot of the time, I guess maybe I should be glad the guys take control of the story and write it they way they want it to play. But I have to step in once in a while, or it would just be steamy sex scene after steamy sex scene with no story.

Hmmmm. Why am I complaining again? Maybe I should stay out of it a little more often in the next book.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Inspiration for my new Vampire story

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. Hearing me say something about starting a new Demon Under Glass short story, a vampire m/m horror romance series I contirbute to my fifteen year old decided to write something to help get me in the mood (I call them poems, he calls them lyrics). Anyway they are very inspiring!

But I still hate when I start to write a passionate m/m love scene and I find him reading over my shoulder, wanting to know when the girl is going to show up. I tell him never and he shakes his head and walks away, mumbling something about grown women being weird and kinky! I just don't know where he gets the attitude from!

By Rob B.

Isn’t my final frontier
I can’t fear
This sin that cannot be repaired
Forgotten by what you’ve always followed
Flawed in every way
This day is your last
It’s been a thousand years
Since you’ve passed
The forgotten soul
At its last
Past is behind us
Future is always so far away
Look back and remember you yesterday
In dismay of all you’ve killed today
Sucked them dry
Of their pride
Stolen the nectar of their life
To fulfill your unlife
In the deadliest way
Shrivel up and die
I can’t cry
My tears are my brother’s blood
I can’t deny
But what I need, I have to supply
I can’t see my own face
Because I’m not there
I’m an illusion that even I have to bear
I’m the bloodiest killer known to man
I am the vampire
Of this land
Who dares to cross me
Will be the lamb
And I am the Shepherd to slaughter


Saturday, December 10, 2005

writing romance

I thought I'd comment a little on writing romances. These thoughts apply to me, and probably only me, as an author of gay, slash, m/m (pick one you like) romances.

I like happy endings. I like faithful partners. I like to explore the everyday pressure and events that impact our day-to-day lifes and cause us, whatever our sexual orientation, all unnecessary stress in our relationships. I'm old fashioned, but a bit on the wild side.

I don't think an author needs a huge traumatic moment to happen in a character's life to have something to write about and to tell a good story. Some of the most interesting things happen in peoples' lives as a result of tiny moments. A late running meeting makes you miss your usual bus and you suddenly end up sitting on a strange bus next to a dreamy guy who asks you out and it's the start of a long term relationship. You decide to visit a bar you wouldn't usually go into alone. You get mistaken for someone else and end up in a police line up. You go free, but end up dating the detective who questioned you. All real stories that happened to people I know. LOL! Okay, so the police thing was a little traumatic! But he didn't get booked! I like to set-up one or two of those moments in a story and let the drama unfold.

As a nurse for *@## years, I'm very comfortable with all types of people. I know the human body very well. I've put tubes and pieces of equipment into the private pieces parts of men I didn't even know the names of. Some I never learned. All in the line of duty, mind you. No sacrifice is too great to save a life! You pick an orifice in the human body and I've been there!

Personally, I prefer men's bodies to women's, but that goes with being hopelessly heterosexual. I love men. I know the male body extremely well, from the medical, physical, emotional, intimate and romantic angles. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a gorgeous, kind man.

TWO gorgeous, kind men are definitely twice the thrill!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Snowy days

Okay, it's a lovely day in Western New York. The sky is nowhere to be seen. That's because the snow is falling so hard and so fast you can't see anything more than 6 feet in front of you. Needless to say, as soon as I put the last kid on the bus, I immediately ran into the house to hibernate. I had planned on going to work and taking a CPR class, followed up by some Christmas shopping, a lab draw, lunch out and some grocery shopping.

I think I'll wrap up in a quilt and sip hot cappuccino instead.

Maybe I'll write a bit, but this was to be my week off in between novels to decompress and let the words settle out of my brain for a few days. Unfortunately, the words won't stop hopping around in my head long enough for my brain to relax. There really is no rest for the wicked! I guess I'll go write some on my vampire-in-progress story and watch my front yard disappear in the swirling haze of white bliss blanketing my tiny corner of the world.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

News from the wickedly perverse mind of an erotic writer

This is my first blog that I have set up on my own, so please forgive the errors and whatnot. I never kept a diary as a child and it's hard to start one now. If I'm going to write these days, I want to put time into my stories, but it's the accepted and trendy thing to do as an author and web -savvy person. So here I am. I'll drop by and leave little notes about my writing, my husband, my kids, my pet peeves and my favorite things. You'll all be thrilled to death by my musings, trust me. LOL!

Well, maybe I'll just talk about writing and all the inspiration I get for writing those 40 page love scenes. I'll give it a go! I'll try anything once, twice if I like it!