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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Weho '06

West Hollywood Book Fair was very good this weekend. I'm thinking of doing a manloveromance booth there next year. I met the treasurer of the West Hollywood library and I'm checking to see what it'll take to get print books into the library.

I met a producer/screenwriter doing the current Stephen King horror film and she gave me tips about were to promo my vampire stuff and walked away with one of my vampire books under her arm.

Then I ate lunch with a young lady who turned out to be a journalist for the West Hollywood Reporter and she did a little tiny interview with a friend and I. We gave her business cards so she could spell the names right if she used our chat.

Then I met a woman who lives in West Hollywood who said she was a poet and literary consultant for Simon and Schuster. She gave me her card. We chatted about vampires, (she loves the metaphysical), and then she told me she was planning a TV spot about the subject and asked if she could interview me for it. I screamed yes, of course. Well, maybe not screamed but I did tell her any part of my life from this moment on that she wanted for the interview was hers. She took a copy of my vampire book with her. I don't know if any of these people were serious, but I handed out a lot of cards.

Tom of Finland had a booth with just had a little tiny tiny sign that said ADULTS ONLY next to the chained, gagged, collared, bound, naked man pictures. Cool. I didn't buy any, but I did accept the free postcard. And I spent a ton of money at the LA Coroners booth. I have a thing for chalk lines. There are so many people I think a chalk outline would look good on sometimes.

Had a delightful evening of chatting and getting to know some local authors Friday night. Saturday was spent shopping at The Pleasure Chest were I ended up giving my cards to the cashier when she expressed an interest in my writing. She promptly said she'd give it to their book buyer to check out. Then I went window shopping on Rodeo Drive. I can't believe any women in her right mind shops in 3inch heels. So all the females in Beverly Hills are insane. Period. Had dinner with my LA print publisher at The Cheesecake Factory and then went clubbing with friends. We hit the Rage, the Abby, and the Voodoo Room in West Hollywood. Soaked up all the atmosphere and fun we could along with a few drinks.


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