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Friday, December 16, 2005

Man love sex scenes-where DO they come from?

Well I just finished the second re-write on my m/m werewolf/Native American/ myth/ romance novel. Did I cover enough genres for you there? I'm nothing if not writing to the beat of a different drummer!

Anyway, I was re-reading one of the many the nice, juicy, steamy hot love scenes and wondering where so many of them cropped up from. I mean, I outlined the story. I worked out the details of where each passionate moment would drive the story along and threw in two more for the sake of gratitutious sex, but then, where did the other sex scenes come from?

What made me let these gorgeous men turn my little legend exploration into a non-stop lovefest?

I remember trying to write one serious scene where the two main lovers confront each other over the major issues in the story, and having to rewrite it and rewrite it, because the guys kept ending up with their pants down. That is NOT the way to iron out relationship problems. But what about the others?

I even have two minor characters getting it on and they were NOT supposed to be a couple in any way, shape, or form in the original outline. Hell, one didn't even have a name at first. Now he's getting equal time in the bedroom, (on the floor really) as much as the main hero is. I ask you, is that anyway to write a romance story?

I guess if your writing m/m erotic romances, it is. And since I am writing erotic romances a lot of the time, I guess maybe I should be glad the guys take control of the story and write it they way they want it to play. But I have to step in once in a while, or it would just be steamy sex scene after steamy sex scene with no story.

Hmmmm. Why am I complaining again? Maybe I should stay out of it a little more often in the next book.


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