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Thursday, June 07, 2007

RT Letter to Hyatt about the Convention incident

Above is a copy of a letter I received today from the Hyatt Hotel that included this letter Carol Stacy sent to the hotel. Since the Hyatt felt it important to share a copy of the letter with me, I thought I needed to share it with everyone who has become involved in the incident. Just run your mouse over it and click on it and it will get large enough to read.

As I've said before, no one has to take only my word on any of these occurrences, the way they actually occurred, not the way they are stated above. An editor helped me set out my promo, two publicists witness the removal of my promo, and I was accompanied by another author during the discussion of the removal with RT and the Hyatt people. None of this is 'innuendo and insinuation'. It is all witnessed fact.

I know it may seem petty to some, but while RT was applauding the Hyatt, I didn't notice mention of the dozens of convention attendees that became very ill at this hotel due to the inablity to escape the smoking.