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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lambda names Mexican Heat one of the 5 top romances of 2010

I wanted to share the intriguing news about MEXICAN HEAT, my romantic suspense novel, a collaboration with Josh Lanyon.
It was a Lambda Finalist in 2010, no it didn’t win, but I’m honored the reviewer like it so much to single it out for one of the Top Five of the year!

Even though Lambda now excludes straight authors from submitting to the Lambda Awards (right after MEXICAN HEAT was named a FINALIST — no correlation that I’m aware of, just saying, and I still see naughty straight female authors submitting to them under their male pen names), I do consider it to be an honor for Dick Smart, the Lambda Romance reviewer/columnist to have given it such a fabulous nod of acceptance and recognition. I do appreciate it and want to acknowledge it.

I’m looking to 2011 to start writing the second one in the series myself (EEK!) spurred on by this and my name AWESOMELY mentioned in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE last October as “a pioneer of the M/M romance”. That made my year.

And yes, I do have to share the good times and pat myself on the back now and then.